Graphic Design Studio specializing in creating graphics and identity, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications. 


Spices 101 "cheat sheet"

Worked with Jamie and Nicole to launch their new online store Countertop is passionate about helping you cook delicious food with maximum health in minimum time. Their amazingly delicious and healthy products re-imagine every day staples like butter, sweetener and seasonings.




Assignment: Design an invitation that for LAWC's Fundraising event entitled "Secure the Heartland". The main purpose for this event was to raise money for Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin, Amy Klobuchar, and Heidi Heitkamp.

Challenge: Create an e-vite that will feel young and fresh to the younger audience of LAWC. Without being too light hearted, I wanted to strike a balance and create a fun illustration that was a little playful.

Solution: The event was a great success and raised approximately $75,000.

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Exhibition at The Braid

My piece "A Women's Role" is part of Reflections, a group show currently on view at The Braid. What an honor to be included among such beautiful artists. On view through September 1, 2017.


Klaipeda Health – Latest Branding Project

Klaipeda Health

Logo Design, Business Card, Letterhead, Miscellaneous Collateral

Assignment: Create a logo for Healthcare and Life Sciences consultancy. Implement design across both digital & print collateral.
Challenge: Brand a company in a highly-regulated industry prone to sterile & safe imagery with a unique look that represented
the founder's multi-disciplinary health care background and forward-looking philosophy.  
Solution: Design a custom font with a corporate sensibility that broadcast a non-traditional approach to problem solving.
Employ a color palate and layout that puts an emphasis on boundaries that intersect in a linear fashion but leave an opening for creativity. 

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Latest Project: UCLA Pathology 2016 Annual Report

Assignment: Design an annual report that draws more attention than the groundbreaking 2013 report.
Challenge: Build on the success of the 2013 Annual Report making the 2016 Report even more user friendly.
Solution: Working with Illustrator Andy Potts, we conceptualized and created art for the cover. Inside I continued the use of images and colorized different details from Andy’s cover illustration to direct the reader through the flow of information. I worked with UCLA to create infographs to replace the charts and graphs that they had previously used to convey statistical information. 32 Pages + Cover

Illustrator: Andy Potts

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Latest work 6.21.16

I was finally able to go through my parents childhood photographs and wanted to do something with them. Two people from completely different worlds...

I experimented with the images/text using silkscreening, screen printing and photo transfer.

Branding & Marketing Materials for artist, Katherine Kousi

Biggest Challenge: Translating the power and scope of large scale works of art to the small screen. The work is comprised of objects from nature melded into the canvas alongside traditional mediums. To capture the subtle and intricate nature of Katherine’s pieces in a digital format, we decided to provide the viewer with the power to magnify elements of the work. 

Digital: To enhance the user experience we have created a series of videos that take the viewer inside Katherine’s process depicting her workflow as she combines unusual materials such as soap, bugs, butterflies with more conventional tools such as paint, ink, and pencil.

PRINT: As a take away from the show we have created a pamphlet of works exhibited, postcards and business cards on rough paper to simulate the tactile texture and feel of Katherine’s art.  

Katherine's Website:

Click Image to View Katherine's Website

Click Image to View Katherine's Website

Video Presentation & Teaser:

Printed Pieces:


My latest project! 

A celebrity portrait photography book by Ann Johansson

CAUSE + CELEB is a fine art photography book that include portraits of 90 celebrities that Ann has photographed over the years. CELEBS have also shared, in their own words, 40 CAUSES that are of importance to them.

I created this book from it's conception to final product using Ann's images of CELEBS and their words to describe the causes that are important to them.

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I'm a graphic designer.

I often get confused looks when I try to answer the usual friendly inquiry "So, what do you do?"....
My answer is "I'm a graphic designer." 
"Oh, so what kind of projects do you do?"
"All kinds. Lately, I was involved in creating a big poster series for UCLA Special Collections."
"Oh, so you did the photography?"
"No, I found images within the vast array of images that are part of UCLA's Special Collections."
"Oh, so you wrote all the copy?"
"No, actually a Marketing Consultant wrote the copy."

By now, they've usually lost interest and we move on to other subjects. 

So this be will the place where I can give my whole song and dance about what I actually do. This will also be a place where I can post about stuff I find interesting that's going on in my life....

Posters created for the Center for Primary Research and Training hanging now in Powell Library.


I love the guy sleeping at his desk....below is the entire series as thumbnails.