Graphic Design Studio specializing in creating graphics and identity, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications. 

I'm a graphic designer.

I often get confused looks when I try to answer the usual friendly inquiry "So, what do you do?"....
My answer is "I'm a graphic designer." 
"Oh, so what kind of projects do you do?"
"All kinds. Lately, I was involved in creating a big poster series for UCLA Special Collections."
"Oh, so you did the photography?"
"No, I found images within the vast array of images that are part of UCLA's Special Collections."
"Oh, so you wrote all the copy?"
"No, actually a Marketing Consultant wrote the copy."

By now, they've usually lost interest and we move on to other subjects. 

So this be will the place where I can give my whole song and dance about what I actually do. This will also be a place where I can post about stuff I find interesting that's going on in my life....

Posters created for the Center for Primary Research and Training hanging now in Powell Library.


I love the guy sleeping at his desk....below is the entire series as thumbnails.