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Branding & Marketing Materials for artist, Katherine Kousi

Biggest Challenge: Translating the power and scope of large scale works of art to the small screen. The work is comprised of objects from nature melded into the canvas alongside traditional mediums. To capture the subtle and intricate nature of Katherine’s pieces in a digital format, we decided to provide the viewer with the power to magnify elements of the work. 

Digital: To enhance the user experience we have created a series of videos that take the viewer inside Katherine’s process depicting her workflow as she combines unusual materials such as soap, bugs, butterflies with more conventional tools such as paint, ink, and pencil.

PRINT: As a take away from the show we have created a pamphlet of works exhibited, postcards and business cards on rough paper to simulate the tactile texture and feel of Katherine’s art.  

Katherine's Website:

Click Image to View Katherine's Website

Click Image to View Katherine's Website

Video Presentation & Teaser:

Printed Pieces: